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  • Benefits to Landlords
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Guaranteed rent 52 weeks a year.

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Welcome to West Country Accommodation

“We provide a bespoke professional service, which creates value to letting agents, tenants and the landlord.”steve-johnson

Talk to us about how we can rent your properties, as they become available. We can provide a light refurb, renovation or redecoration, at our expense for the landlord, then rent the properties on a room-by-room basis.

Benefits to Letting Agents

We can help with ;

  • Properties that you are struggling to rent.
  • Absent landlords that aren’t interested in keeping their property up to scratch.
  • Guaranteed rent and we can often refurb or redecorate as required, while you can rest easy, knowing that the property is in the hands of professionals with a genuine interest in maintaining it to high standards.

Benefits to Landlords

Does this apply to you! –

  • Do you have any properties that you are struggling to rent?
  • Do you have any property in which you have lost interest?
  • Do you have property which you want to keep, but no longer wish to deal with?
  • Do you have property which requires improvements?