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Benefits to Landlords

We understand that as a landlord, letting your property and the marketing of it is a priority. Our business model helps you to let your property quickly, efficiently and reliably. Should you have several properties which match our criteria, as each becomes available, we would like the opportunity to rent it from you.

In simple terms, we guarantee the rent and often improve the property for you. We do this using a simple business philosophy, which has proven to work time and time again.

Does this apply to you! –

  • Do you have any properties that you are struggling to rent?
  • Do you have any property in which you have lost interest?
  • Do you have property which you want to keep, but no longer wish to deal with.
  • Do you have property which requires improvements?


How We Help –

    • We can offer a guaranteed rent 52 weeks a year, often a refurbishment and even renovation or redecoration; it just depends on the potential of each property and on your flexibility as the landlord.
    • You have peace of mind, knowing that the property is in the hands of trustworthy professionals with a genuine interest in maintaining it to a high standard.
    • Landlords often benefit from our work as we bring the property up to a higher standard, if required, which could include refurbishment, renovation or redecoration and new furniture.
    • When this is done we rent the individual rooms using assured short hold tenancy agreements (ASTs). All tenants are thoroughly vetted and credit checked. We provide a high level of service when we look after your property; we treat it like our own. The garden is regularly maintained and common areas are cleaned fortnightly. We also undertake the usual property inspections, which are included within the management contract.

Other Valuable Benefits

  • You have no upfront letting agent fees to pay
  • Your on-going letting management fees, if applicable, no longer have to be paid.
  • In the case of a property you were managing or going to manage yourself, you would not need to manage it, we take care of it for you.
  • A worry-free property rental for you as landlord.
  • Don’t take our word for it, let’s meet up and talk. Come along and visit one of our properties and take a look at our Testimonials.


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