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Benefits to Letting Agents

We understand that as agents, letting the properties you are marketing is a priority to you. Our business model works hand in hand with agents, helping you to let your properties quickly, efficiently and reliably. As properties that match our criteria become available, we would like the opportunity to rent them from you.

In simple terms, we guarantee the rent and often improve the property for your customer/landlord. We do this using a simple business philosophy, which has proven to work time and time again. For more details please see How it Works below.

How Else Can We Help ?

  • Do you have any properties that you are struggling to rent?
  • Do you have absent landlords that aren’t interested in keeping their property up to scratch?
  • We can offer a guaranteed rent, and often a refurbishment and even renovation or redecoration, it just depends on the potential in any one particular property and on the flexibility of the landlord.
  • You have peace of mind, knowing that the property is in the hands of trustworthy professionals with a genuine interest in maintaining it to a high standard.


Other Valuable Benefits

  • Your letting agent fees paid as normal for let only, speak with us about our agent enhanced fee.
  • Your letting management fees, if applicable are paid as normal providing the figures work for all parties. Each property needs to be assessed individually
  • In the case of a property you were managing or going to manage, you will continue being paid even though we become the managing agents.
  • You gain a satisfied customer/landlord with guaranteed rent 52 weeks a year and usually an improved property
  • A worry-free property rental for you as letting agents, and for your customer as landlord.
  • Don’t take our word for it, let’s meet up and talk. Come along and visit one of our properties and take a look at our Testimonials.


Click here to see How It Works