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“Our responsibility is to manage property in order to give you peace of mind.”

What type of properties do you consider?

Generally houses or flats with a minimum of at least three bedrooms and two reception rooms. A large garden is not required, parking is not essential , but it is beneficial.

What kind of condition does the house have to be in?

The property does not need to be in good condition. However, it can be in excellent condition. We will look at all types of condition.

How quickly can you take a property on?

Once we have visited you property, within 24 hours we will make you a fair offer based on market conditions in your area. The price we agree on will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract, regardless of market fluctuations. If the property is vacant we could sign contracts and pay the first month’s rent the next day.

Does the property need to be furnished?

Not necessarily. We take on fully furnished, part furnished and completely unfurnished properties. If you have previously rented to students, the furniture may not be the type we normally use so we may ask you to remove it. To give you an idea of the furniture we use, take a look at our photos. Our customers are professionals and expect a higher standard of living than most students. This would be reflected in our offer to you.

Do you pay a deposit?

We don’t normally pay a deposit to you, but each person who takes a room will pay an individual deposit to us that is equal to one month’s rental payment. We register their deposit with My Deposits for the duration of their stay, to safeguard against damage to the property.

How do I receive rent payments?

We will set up a monthly standing order direct to your landlords bank account or your bank if this is required for the agreed rent. This will continue each and every month for the duration of the contract, guaranteed to be on time each month.

What are your fees?

We do not take fees from your landlord—not a single penny! There is no tenant finder fee, as this charge is already made by you as agents, to us, as we become the tenant. We do not charge any management fees. We make our money from the difference between our customers’ payments to us for renting rooms in the property, and our payments to the landlord (or you).

What do you mean by a light refurbishment or renovation?

We will carry out a light refurbishment at our own cost, using our own design team. If larger maintenance works are needed we can help your landlord to complete the works at a reduced cost. We will even do renovation work on certain properties if the deal is right.

Can you accommodate a portfolio of properties from one person?

We can take on from 1 to 100+ properties from you, provided they all meet our criteria.

If I have landlord friends who I want to recommend to you, can you help them too?

Indeed we can. When you recommend a friend we will pay you an introductory fee of £200 for each property we take on.

How much wear and tear can I expect to see, as it will be a shared household?

Some landlords are put off by the idea of sharers in their property as they believe the houses will suffer more wear and tear. This is simply not true when letting to West Country Accommodation. At the end of, say a three-year contract the property is normally in a better condition than if t had been rented to a typical single-let tenant, in our experience. This is because firstly, with our professional lets, we are scrupulous about the tenants we accept into the property . A cleaner visits fortnightly, and we arrange for regular garden maintenance. We also carry out minor maintenance repairs at our cost throughout the duration of the contract. Often whole families with children and pets etc., and even couples can return a property in a much worse condition than a house of individual professionals would.

Do you have your own tradesmen?

We do have a team of fully qualified tradesmen who we use for maintenance and general repairs. However, if you have your own and you prefer to use them, that’s absolutely fine, too.

How can I be sure that my property won’t be damaged?

This has never happened to us. Firstly, we only allow working professionals, mature/postgraduate students or well vetted individuals into the property, unless it is a student-specific property. We have only ever let our own properties to students thus far. Secondly, we regularly inspect the house and you can too. Thirdly, we have a fortnightly cleaner of communal areas and a gardener to keep the property in great condition.

Who pays for ongoing repairs?

As the landlord you are still responsible for all the usual safety checks and repairs, the benefit to you is that we manage your property for you. We can arrange everything for you, all you have to do is confirm and pay. We always get quotes for larger maintenance work before proceeding and we keep you totally in the loop, unless you instruct us otherwise.

Will I have to deal with the tenants?

No, since we become your tenants, who also manage the property. We deal with all of our customers, all phones calls, emails, viewings, meetings etc. We do all the legwork for you, so it becomes a hands-off experience for you.

What happens if one of your customers damages an item in the house?

In this situation we would pay for the item to be fixed , and charge our customers. Your landlord is only responsible for normal maintenance, i.e. gas safety check, PAT tests on electrical appliances, keeping the hot water system, radiators and water systems working etc. Our contract will state our full responsibilities along with the landlords.

What if one of your customers doesn’t pay or is late paying?

That’s not your problem since we guarantee your rent . In actuality this happens very infrequently, but if it does, we cover the cost and you receive your full rent as promised. We have never had a missed rent in over 15 years of operating as a landlord of houses in multiple occupation.

What input will I have with the property once I sign a contract with you?

When we agree to take on a tenancy and subsequently manage the property, you don’t need to set foot in the house again until the end of our contract. Of course if you want to do quarterly inspections that’s fine too. We will pay you the agreed rent each month via standing order, and we will give you updates on inspections and any maintenance required, including gas safety checks. We take all the hassle out of being a landlord: no tenant issues, no voids, no missing rents, just guaranteed rent and peace of mind.

What happens if I want to end my contract with you or vice versa?

We ask our landlords to give us a minimum of six months notice if they do not intend to renew the three or five year contract at the end of the term, and we will do the same. This allows our customers to find a new home without the stress of having to do it in a short time frame.