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Corporate and Relocation

Here at West Country Accommodation we endeavour to provide good quality, trouble-free accommodation. We have discovered a growing demand for property in our area for corporate-backed tenants. We also let to thoroughly referenced professional non-corporate tenants.
For many companies, buying a property and then letting out to their key employees is just too much hassle, so they are always in the market to rent property from private landlords for their employees. It’s more flexible and meets the company’s short-term needs. Below are some of examples of recent local customers:

  • A high level NHS director
  • Social services senior management
  • Senior management at Bristol University, Langford School of Veterinary Sciences
  • Senior management at Smurfit & Kapper Packaging – 45,000 employees in 34 countries
  • Senior management for Rentokil Pest Control
  • As well as various other professionals and good quality working people.

Each year, around 92,000 executive expats arrive in Britain. Typically they stay for three years, and they come with money to spend. The majority are French and German, followed by American, Dutch, Irish, Italian and Spanish ‘high flyers’. Engineers and IT professionals account for 1 in 10 and women make up 40% of the total.
People in the UK often need to move home during their working lives and for some a complete change of location is necessary. To help them make this change a positive one, we provide a full range of assistance with the relocation process, tailor-made to the requirements of each individual.

We are currently building a database of both property and clients to meet these needs. We make the process of renting or letting a property as straightforward as possible, keeping costs to a minimum. We do not charge for tenancy agreements or management visits. We respond quickly to problems and emergencies, and lend an understanding ear to any practical or translation problems. We service properties weekly or fortnightly, depending on our customers’ needs.
Generally we look for properties that may be close to leisure facilities, hospitals and/or public transport links. We can provide accommodation for one employee or a whole department whether it’s a long or short term let. The majority of companies will pay quarterly in advance, which is obviously very good for cash flow. Generally, this market will be less price sensitive than normal lets – as it is the company who is paying.
Carpets in bathrooms are completely out for this market and bathrooms must have a power shower. Broadband connectivity is a must as the average company exec never really switches off from their “information world”. Foreign expats in particular will look for large rooms and lots of storage space. Security must be good and the route to any local transport link must be safe and well-lit. A quiet study area is always appreciated by working professionals. Obviously, we commission a very detailed inventory, especially as properties are fully furnished.
“First time buyers can’t pay deposits, owners who’ve sold can’t find a home to buy, and overseas investors are expanding their portfolios. I can’t see this bull run ending any time soon” – quote from the Chairman of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, March 2011.