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How it works for Landlords

Simple business strategy

We are offering a very simple business strategy: we lease the property from you, as the landlord, and become YOUR tenant for a minimum 36 months

Rental guarantee, How do we guarantee it?  rent guaranteed

  • We use a legally recognised Rental Guarantee Agreement
  • With our Financial Resources
  • With an insurance Indemnity Policy (if required)

Guaranteed rent summary and benefits  

If you would like a guaranteed fixed rental income, paid the same time each month, no agent fees, and someone to look after your property like it was their own and free you of the usual concerns that come with renting property, then look no further.

  • Guaranteed rental paid the same time, every month
  • You are still paid during any void periods
  • You are paid even if the property is empty
  • Even if our rent is not paid on time or not paid at all, you are still paid
  • No need to worry about how long it may take to find a tenant – with a guaranteed start date
  • No set up fees, ongoing monthly management fees  or hidden extras
  • Regular property maintenance, management and inspections
  • We deal with all the tenant’s queries, questions and any complaints
  • We guarantee the condition of your property. It will be returned to you in at least a similar condition to that in which it was provided – the usual fair wear and tear policy applies, however we endeavour to return your property in a better condition, as we may have made improvements, with your agreement.
  • If it were to become necessary we cover the costs of legal proceedings and any eviction.

The system of renting we use is truly a win-win situation, for you as landlord, our customers  and us at West Country Accommodation. 

“Our mission is to provide fair value for landlords and our customers.”   


What’s the catch

Who could blame you for thinking this is too good to be true? Once you understand the fundamentals it becomes clear that there isn’t a catch. Our profit is simply derived from the difference between the rent we collect from our customers who rent individual rooms from us, less utility bills, light maintenance, any HMO compliance costs, insurance, and  possible void periods, and of course the guaranteed rent we pay you. In addition, at the start of each rental, our costs could include any agreed refurbishment etc. in order to prepare the property for the higher end tenants we cater for. It really is that simple.

We take on all the risk because we are confident about our ability to assess an HMO rental and manage it well and profitably. It’s what we do!

We have spent many years gaining experience in the HMO market, over 15 years in fact.  As landlords we understand the importance of choosing the correct tenants. We have an excellent record of keeping our rooms fully occupied; to date have never had a missed rent, this is something we are very proud of.

Because we deal with all tenant issues, you as landlord can rest assured that the property is being well managed and looked after. We welcome visits/inspections from you as the landlord, providing at least the normal 24 hour notice has been given; in fact we encourage you to visit.

You will receive your rent at the same time every month, worry-free.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Other important information

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