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House Sharers Info

Who lives in our accommodation?


At West Country Accommodation we provide for a broad range of individuals. The age ranges for our professional houses are between 23-45. For student houses the ages are younger. We work hard at matching up the right balance of house-sharers to live together in the same property. We have a great record of getting this right.

Longest staying happy house-sharer 36 months                 Average 18.5 months


• Male 60%
• Female 40%


• Admin/HR
• Computing/IT
• Education/Training
• Sales
• Medical/Healthcare
• Engineering
• Banking and Finance
• Animal/Veterinary
• Other

As well as professional house-shares, we also provide accommodation for students studying across a broad range of subjects.

Places of Origin

• Scotland
• The North
• The South
• The South West
• Europe

What we do for our house-sharers

At West Country Accommodation we care about our customers. We want you to be comfortable and happy in your house-share. We do all that we can to create a clean, tidy, safe, peaceful and pleasant environment, which we want to be a good experience for you. We endeavour to deal with any maintenance issues quickly, using our trusted maintenance team.
We provide a cleaner to clean the common areas fortnightly and a gardener to help with the garden. This all makes your life a little easier.